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Whether you’re an ambitious DIY homeowner or established contractor, you deserve quality materials to get the job done right. At Mr. Plywood, we offer superior hardwood materials for all your construction needs in Portland, OR.

Why Choose Hardwood?

When you need quality materials, hardwood is one of the best. But why? Discover why hardwood should be your material of choice:
  • Low-maintenance: Don’t want to spend a lot of extra time maintaining your home? Have customers who want simple materials? If so, hardwood is a great option. All people need to do is clean them every so often.
  • Durable: While the type of wood you incorporate into your hardwood will ultimately determine its durability, most hardwoods are durable and strong. They last a long time, don’t scratch or dent easily, and won’t fade within a few years.
  • Aesthetic: Hardwoods come in various colors and textures. All of them can contribute to your home’s aesthetics. Hardwood is meant to bring a feeling of elegance, class, and sophistication that will improve everything around it.
No matter why you want hardwood for a property, rely on Mr. Plywood for all your hardwood materials.

Why Choose Mr. Plywood?

We know that the quality of your construction materials matters. That’s why we only provide the best products — with over 60 years to prove it! We also know that you might not be sure which hardwood material is best for your project. Our knowledgeable staff members are here to provide the knowledge you seek in determining the right choices.

And if you need delivery services, we provide them. Please see our deliveries page for more information about delivery zones and charges.


Have questions? Want to order your hardwood materials? We’re here for you. Call today at 503-254-7387 to speak to our hardwood materials suppliers.
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